Samothrace - The mysterious island

About the Island

Samothrace is not a common destination. Here someone will not come for the extreme nightlife, neither for the famous places. Here you'll let yourself into the ultimate blue and the amazing green. Paradise landscapes, enchanting forests, streams, rivers and waterfalls are waiting to embrace you. Be forgotten by any other sound except the wind and running waters.

Distance (Avdira Port - Kamariotissa): 35,8 Miles

The Route


The first station during your visit to Samothraki. It is located at the west side of the island.Here is the port and the starting point of the road network. The name of the city came form the Church with the same name where the icon of Panagia from the Kamares is kept. Kamariotissa is the most cosmopolitan destination of the island. It;s the heartbea of the island, with nightlife during the summer season. After the cape you can find the small lagoon-wetland of St. Andreas.


Fat Sand (Pahia Ammos)

Stunning beach with road access. Although the road is constructed with asphalt, the route is relatively difficult due to the tightness and uphill structure of the roads. Thin clear waters and fine sand remind you something from Cyclades.

Hanging Water

This waterfall is called Hanging Water and falls from a height of 180 meters! It is the highest waterfall in the world, whose waters are poured into the sea, the 4th largest in Europe and the 11th in the world. Its name comes from the falling waters into the sea, and because during the winter the waters are not licking the rocks but falling in the air! This destination is accessible only by the sea side and you will visit it with Avdiros Sailing!


Exotic, wild and detached from the rest of the island, a beach with unexplored caves, waterfalls, blue waters and rocks, this beach is reachable only by sea. You can visit this unique place with Avdiros Sailing!

The Candy's Sails

The Candy's Sails as it's called in the local dialect is a beautiful geological formation on granite, unique in the world. The legend says that ones upon a time, an elderly woman was living there only with her goats. One day, she let her washed clothes drying on the rocks , but the wind was so strong , that ripped them and dropped to the coast. The Candy became silent and bitter and cursed her clothes to roam, as it happened! The Candy's Sails are accessible only by the sea. You can also visit this destination with Avdiros Sailing!

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